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It is so stupid to know that baseball has agreed to let the winner of the all star game gain home field advantage for the world series. All stars who play for teams like the indians, tigers, rangers and devil rays know that they have absolutely nothing to play for. lets say the al wins. all stars from those for teams are gonna say "wow, our league has home field advantage for this seasons world series. i'm so excited, especially since i don't get to play in it. i played in the all star game for nothing, absolutely nothing. i should of stayed home. bud selig is the worst commissioner ever."
And this is all about fox wanting their ratings to go up. if you want the ratings to go up, publicize. don't force the players themselves to play for nothing. What happens if the all star representative from the tigers is first baseman randall simon, and he makes 5 errors. he'll just tell manager scoiscia " i got nothin to play for. i don't care how well i play. this game has no meaning".
yes, the ratings may go up, but players who know they won't be going to the playoffs are gonna put no effort into their game. fox is really manipulating players, and it has found the worst way possible to get more people to watch the summer classic, which won't be classic anymore.

Here you will see some hilarious stuff about today's baseball world that will make you laugh and think about those long drives that are hit way back and over the outfield fence... Well, I know baseball and I know Bud Selig does not make a good commissioner, period!!!!
Harry Kalas is the best play by play baseball announcer know to major league baseball (of course I've never heard announcers from Japan). Can u think of a better announcer? e mail me at


That's Right Troy, The Angels Are #1


Mr. Met will have NOTHING to be happy about when he gets a load of Art Howe's new and improved lack of talent team.


The Weeks' Top Performer


21 year old dontrelle willis is a rookie of the year candidate, with his goofy left handed delivery. He makes hitters look bad because they have real big trouble picking up his pitches. On monday he pitched 9 innings and allowed one hit against the mets, and he was absolutely outstanding. He will be in the majors for a long time if he continues to use his odd delivery and if he stays healthy.

Let's See The Latest Baseball News:


The kansas city royals started the year, or course, 10-0 and after that went through some hard times when they had to face some tough teams. but they are not very far behind of the al central leading twins. The royals are a very young team overall and if they do infact make the playoffs, which they will if they continue to hit well and get good relief pitching, they will not go very far if they play the mariners yankees or red sox.  They have won so many games because they play in a division that consists of 3 teams below .500. Don't be suprised if Tony Pena's club continues to win.


Wow. It's amazing that the hitters on the team that george stenbrennar built combined for no hits in interleague play against six houston astros pitchers. it probably wouldn't have been a no hitter, but starter roy oswalt left in the second inning with a monor injury, and the houston bullpen took over from there. isn't it amazing that on that wendesday night, the game was on espn? And after that the astros lost 4 straight? The houston bullpen is truly the best there is, considering they not only combined to annihilate the yankees, but they combined to make george cry, because it was his teams worst performance of the season.  I want to see george cry, because the yankees must lose as often as possible so they don't make the playoffs, and so postseason baseball won't take place in hte house that ruth built.


Is there any hope out there for the red sox? are the yankees ever going to realize that they don't have to win every freaking year? it's time for the red sox to emerge as the team in the al east to beat. baseball will have a purpose in massachussets if the red sox get things going. they can beat teams with they home run power, with their starting pitching, but their bullpen just doesn't feel like preserving the lead. which is a problem no matter which team bad releivers pitch for. on paper, the red sox are a whole lot better than new york. boston fans are getting hungry, so manny, nomar, pedro, show us what you got.