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PHOTOS THAT CAN EASILY BE MADE FUN OF | baseball is THE best sport | The Greatest Movie Quotes
baseball is THE best sport

More stuff is comin soon...


Look at how much fun Jacque and Torii are havin.
A lot of guys just play for the money- these two guys play for the fun of it AND the money.

See the latest on who has filed for free agency:'s FREE CURRENT FREE AGENTS


Two Words: Pumpin Fastballs

Do you have any opinions you want to express to the public about baseball management, team managers, players who should retire, players who are underrated or teams who really deserve to be contracted? e-mail me at:

A message to people who think somebody should replace Bud Selig as commissioner:
Bud Selig is a huge pain in the ass.  He basically desires a strike and thinks fans will not care at all, and will get on with their lives as it baseball never existed.  That's bull Bud.  Work stoppages are stupid.  Players want salaries, players want careers, fans want to see teams play their butts off without thinking about a strike. 

Major league news for the major league fan: